Games Mentoring Institute International

Training the next generation of computer game development executives

The Games Mentoring Institute International (GAMEII) is an independent games GAMEII logo colourincubator and finishing school that trains the next generation of games company senior managers and executives. The ultimate goal is to launch successful new games companies in the project town and kick start associated spin-off businesses and services.

The need

A shortcoming faced by many early career game company managers and independents is a limited understanding of the entire process to deliver a product. They might be expert in a specialty such as storytelling, design, programming, business management, marketing, analytics, distribution, or post-sales. But without the ability to manage the entire production management and business process, they are less effective, lessen their chances of commercial success, and on a personal level, it’ll slow their careers. GAMEII’s goal is to fix this shortcoming using Canada’s competitive strengths in games development management.

The program

The incubator takes high flyers through a nine-month hands-on mentoring program made up of in-class training, virtual learning, and retreats. They’ll learn the entire management and production cycle so that when they are finished they’ll know the A to Z of getting a game from idea to post-sales and everything in between. The key to GAMEII is the transition to the incubator for the graduates who are independents. The program is made up of three major components:

  • A games development incubator that give GAMEII graduates an opportunity to create new enterprises and gives them ways to network with games companies, investors, and those with complementary skills.
  • Developers-in-Residence (DiR) mentoring program works with independent and corporate developers with 3-5 years in the industry. They may have completed diplomas and degrees in a games-related discipline or through self-learning. They are experts in some facet of the business. The program is…
    • Made up of hands-on experiences and training integrating the core functional areas starting from understanding the corporate functions of finance, HR, branding, and operations through to developing high concepts leading to design and production pipeline management through to analytics and post-sales
    • Led by mobile games companies, industry associations, and publishers
    • Developed and delivered by a college and university consortium
    • Delivered over nine months in person and virtually
    • Delivered to DiRs from across the continent and overseas working together in multi-disciplinary teams
  • Leadership training program for veteran corporate managers who will return to work with improved skills to lead their own employees to higher productivity and to improve employee retention and employee satisfaction.

Who are the program’s collaborators?

This one-of-a-kind program was developed in collaboration with a consortium of colleges and universities and supported by industry and government.



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