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Experts in city building, entrepreneurship, and social impact

E-Town is a program founded by The St. Clements Group Inc. (Impact & Main Inc. since 2018). We are city builders and part of the social impact world. We invest in new ideas that can change the way communities grow, re-invent themselves, and become successful. Our team is made up of people with experience in downtown revitalization, entrepreneurship, facilities planning, operations, and marketing and branding. It’s everything needed to design, launch, and manage facilities, programs, and services.

Each E-Town project is a partnership of residents; community organizations representing business, tourism, economic development, and culture; governments of all levels; colleges and universities; and external and local investors. The resulting collaboration ensures that each local project and the national programs are responsive to local needs while at the same time create economies of scale, large networks of practitioners, and the sharing of ideas and experiences.

If you would like more information about any of our programs, please contact Glen Loo