Building Communities Through Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Perspiration

IMPACT the LIES and LIVELIHOOD of your community

E-Town (Entrepreneurial Town) helps communities re-invent themselves. We invest in new innovative programs based on the power of entrepreneurship in the growth and well-being of communities. We’re a private sector social impact investor specializing in the design, implementation, and management of programs that improve the lives and livelihood of the communities we help.

Our focus is on community economic development in all its different facets. We’re city builders though what we really know is the life and business of small to medium-size towns. We are particularly knowledgeable about the intersection of entrepreneurship and the growth, identity, and selling of communities and ideas.

E-Town is a result of almost 30 years of experience working with communities to revitalize their downtowns, create new businesses and jobs, and to design and launch new programs, facilities, and services. E-Town projects are developed by Impact & Main using its own resources to address specific problems the team has seen. The idea is to create and prototype new ideas that can be modelled and roll-out across the country.

National Impact Real Estate Program

A property development and new business and jobs program that turns key under-used or vacant downtown properties into community incubator hubs to re-energize central business districts.

How to get involved
Come talk to us about your community’s challenges and how our programs can help you.